Sunday, July 11, 2010

Saturday Calorie Day

I was talking to one of my cousins last week about Calorie Day (The one day a week I eat like I used to). She was curious to know what a typical one looks like for me. I'm about to show you guys exactly what it looked like for me yesterday.

4 mini chocolate donuts
1 cup of coffee with splenda and creamer

Small handful of dark chocolate m&m's

Medium Sourdough Jack meal from Jack in the Box with Coke to drink

Heart Attack on a plate...

After Dinner:
Dark Chocolate Reese's cups (2)
Handful of the m&m's

There you have it. What do you think? Was I a little piggie or what? Back to normal today. My stomach will sure appreciate that.


Natalie said...

Sounds delicious. I had 10 days of calorie days on the trip. I'm up a scary number of pounds (although not as scary as the number I got when weighing myself at night in New Hampshire). Back to some intense dieting for the next 6 weeks. :( but :) when it's over.

Anonymous said...

Carlos is still craving the shrimp today and regrets not having spun the wheel- ha, ha. Not really.

Amy said...

Ha! Thanks Mare for the post. It was a good day! You are the most beautiful calorie day girl I know =)

Team Eliza said...

Who doesn't LOVE heart attack on a plate!?