Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So Embarrassing

When I was younger I had embarrassing moments quite often (like the time I walked to high school with my dress tucked into my underwear). As an adult I don't really have embarrassing moments anymore. I have awkward and uncomfortable moments pretty often but nothing that I feel "embarrassed" about. Well, yesterday I had egg on my face (literally).

I took eggs to school for our Science lesson. If you put an egg (without cracks in it) in the center of the palm of your hand and squeeze as hard as you can, the egg won't break. I did it for my kids, they all did it, my principal did it. The eggs were fine and everyone was amazed.

When I was leaving for the day I was walking out with one of our custodians. I felt like amazing him too. I said, "Hey Alfred, check out this trick." I put the egg in my hand, squeezed as hard as I could and the egg EXPLODED. The yolk went everywhere-on the sidewalk, my face, my hair and on my jacket.

He looked shocked at first. I don't think he knew how to react. I was completely embarrassed but I started to laugh. He laughed too and said, "Mary, I don't think I'll be trying that trick".

Oh well, at least I gave him a funny story to share with his family.


Natalie said...

I'm sorry. Are you mad that I just laughed out loud? That is the funniest story, ever. I can just totally picture this happening in the parking lot.

Tania-Dreams2010 said...

Omg I laughed out loud too. So funny! ;)

Lauren said...

This was just as funny to hear a second time. When I'm having a bad day, I'm going to read this again!

Tucker said...

Dont feel bad about high school. Janet walked around the entire UVA library with about 3 feet of toilet paper hanging out the back of her pants. Ha.

Emily said...

Okay... sorry to admit... but I am literally laughing out loud! Thanks for sharing!