Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Boyfriend

Check him out ladies. Do you know who this hottie is? Bradley Cooper! I met him in Las Vegas at...

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the wax museum. I know, bummer. Isn't he so handsome? It was kind of freaky because he looked so real. If he had been real he would have been the best looking celebrity I've ever met in Las Vegas. In 2005 I met Richard Kind in the Southwest terminal at the Las Vegas airport. He was definitely nice but not quite as fine looking as Mr. Bradley Cooper.

Don't you think it would be very strange to have a replica of yourself made out of wax? If I had a wax version of myself I think I would want to be posed doing the wiggle dance.



Natalie said...

Wax figurines are very creepy because they are so realistic. I imagine the figurine looks exactly like the person if that person was wearing very heavy make-up.

We went to the wax museum in Hollywood. There is a special section of characters from horror movies. I couldn't walk down that hallway. It freaked me out too much.

I did, however, spend some special 1 on 1 time with my boyfriend, Matt Damon.

Dreams2011 said...