Saturday, July 30, 2011


Today will no doubt be filled with packing, packing, and a little more of you know what. I would like to take intermittent breaks and go swimming even for just a few minutes at a time. We haven't swam in over a week now and I'm going through withdrawals.

We didn't even go swimming in Las Vegas last weekend even though we had plans to do so. The reason is that in the late afternoon the pool at Treasure Island is full of young guys and gals trying to hook up. They all have adult beverages that they're consuming. I'm sure that most of them urinated in the pool.

I think if we had gone swimming there even before the daily mack sessions, it would have burned while we peed for at least a week afterward. I'm serious.

I might be getting sick. Here's my symptoms: sore throat, somewhat of a stuffy nose and a headache. I'm sucking on a halls and I've taken some headache medication. I hope I start to feel better soon or I'm going to have to skip the packing. Darn.


Natalie said...

Boo packing. You are exactly where we were 2 years ago. We moved on August 15th. I hope you packed a wee bit but spent way more time in the pool.

And good call on staying out of the pool at Treasure Island. That's antibiotics waiting to happen.

The GVZ's said...

We went swimming at a friend's pool today and were commenting that everyone thinks the baby pool is full of pee, but it's not because parents make their kids get out to pee (too confusing to say, hey, it's okay to pee your pants just this once...) The adult pool on the other hand...full of pee. I used to pee in the pool at your house all of the time. ALL OF THE TIME.

Pretty as the Morning said...

Ok, The GVZs comment. Hilarious. And now I will only swim in baby pools, like for the rest of my life.