Tuesday, July 26, 2011

There's Always Something

John sent me four potential rental houses (we'll be renters again for a little while-don't worry, it's a good thing for us) for us to move to. We're moving soon, but we're not sure where yet. We haven't hit panic mode yet so we're being somewhat choosy.

I decided to drive to all of these places before calling to make an appointment to have a tour. Boy that was the right thing to do. One was placed right up to Highway 60, another one was on a street that was so narrow two cars wouldn't be able to pass each other at the same time, the third one was a little too far out from the places we work but the 4th one was pretty nice.

I looked at the 4th one online again when I got home from my parade of homes. It looked pretty crappy on the inside. I don't think it's been updated since it was built. Believe me, a little updating for this place would be very good.

We found a perfect place last week and were the first ones to fill out an application. We thought all systems were a go until the property management lady called to tell me she couldn't process our application.

Here's the reason:

Apparently, Kita's mixed with something that the company thinks is aggressive. I really fought for our girl but no dice. So the search continues.


Dreams2011 said...

Aww, oh no! Something will come up soon. Fingers crossed!

Natalie said...

You guys will find the perfect house, I'm sure of it. We looked at about 25 places (in one week) before we found our house.

P.S. That thing about Kita is ridiculous.