Sunday, July 10, 2011

Saturday Doing Nothing...

Well, not completely nothing. In the morning I used up all but the last ten minutes of the four hours given to me to take my elementary education proficiency test. Um, I may be taking that again. It was kind of hard.

The rest of the day John and I spent at home doing things like playing Texas Hold'em. I lost. Our bets: John wants to give me another golf lesson (I lost a previous bet). I told him he didn't have to make that his bet because I would do that anyway. He said he wanted a guarantee. Probably a smart idea. My bet was for a romantic comedy that he had to watch with me without making jokes about it.

We also watched several episodes of Party Down and ordered pizza. It was really relaxing. We haven't had a Saturday like that in a long time. Last Saturday we were in Texas, the Saturday before that at a wine tasting party in a land far, far away (Peoria), the Saturday before that we were in Ruidoso and the Saturday before that my brother and his family were in town. My memory is a little foggy about any other Saturdays.

There's a free viewing of Frida's story at the Phoenix Art Museum today. John asked me if it was the one with Madonna. Aw, I love John.


The GVZ's said...

I love Party Down!

Natalie said...

Lazy Saturdays are the best. Even though we always manage to fill ours with "stuff" it's lazier stuff than having established plans. Did that make any sense?

I'm sure you did just fine on the test. I thought I bombed the elementary test too (I was confident on the speech test) but I passed.