Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Bounce Is Back...Kind of...

Lester did get smaller. He's now 4 inches instead of 6 so that's good. I was told to still be careful. After complaining about not running or doing aerobics anymore the ultra sound woman said I can do those things now but if I have any pain at all I need to stop.

My lovely lady appointments aren't stopping quite yet. They're keeping their eye on Lester and I may have a uterine polyp or just really thick lining (trying hard not to be too graphic). So that means that I'll have to go in for a procedure so they can see if it's a polyp and remove it if it is.

I was hoping to say "Peace Out!" to Lester but he's taking his sweet time. Stupid Lester.


Emily said...

Stupid Lester is right... I'm glad you can kind of bounce though!

Katie said...

well at least stupid Lester is slowly packing up, even if it isn't as fast as we would like.

and yay for Semi-bounce action!