Friday, May 15, 2009

Fit Friday

Tunes...not just tunes but great tunes are essential for me during a workout. They make me work harder and longer. There's some that have stayed on my mp3 player for over a year and still drive me. There's others that have worked for awhile and then I grew tired of them. Then there's those that I thought would be good but I couldn't even listen to them once.

Hallelujah by Paramore has been on my player since March of 2008 and I still run faster every time I hear it. Eminem's song from 8 mile worked for a long time but I've been skipping it lately. Damien Rice oddly enough has been great to workout to lately.

I found a list on the internet once about suggestions for good music to workout to. No matter what you hear never ever put Loveshack on your player. It was annoying the first time I listened to it. It was the same with Eye of the Tiger. I just felt cheesy.

What music do you like to workout to?


The GVZ's said...

Kelly Clarkson. Yeah, I admitted it.

Katie said...

whenever I run on the treadmill with my ipod headphones in, the bouncing action makes the little things pop out of my ear!