Friday, May 8, 2009

Fit Friday

The power of a mantra. Mantras may seem a little cheesy but they are soooooooo powerful when you're trying to change a habit.

I used them A LOT while I was trying to lose weight and A LOT during maintenance. The mantras replaced my former negative thinking. I used to think things like,"This will never last" or "Maybe I'm not meant to be fit". Yeah, those thoughts needed to be thrown out.

I've told you before that the main one I use now is,"Yes I can." I also still use,"One day at a time."

Here's a list of mantras from one of the Biggest Loser books...

  • One day at a time
  • Keep on keeping on
  • I'm prepared for today's workout
  • I can do this
  • I have a strong, healthy body
  • I feel great
  • Just one more mile
  • I'm beautiful
  • Fit feels good

If you're trying to become healthy or maintain a healthy lifestyle just take it one day at a time and support yourself as you would support a friend.


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Katie said...

When I'm working out, I always use the "one more lap" or "I can do more" and just keep going

Sarah Robbins said...

I like the biggest loser exercise videos. Although I haven't done any of them since spring break. . . Hah! We have 17 days of school left. I am not sure I will make it. The downside of a year-round school is right now when everyone else is getting out and we still have FOUR weeks left! Are you all doing anything fun for summer?