Monday, May 11, 2009

Top 10 Monday

Today's list...My top 10 favorite things about the weekend.

10. Waking up when it doesn't still look like the nighttime.

9. Makeup, hair done...optional.

8. No schedule laid out for the day.

7. Staying up as late as I want. It's really never that late. I was asleep by 10:45 last night.

6. Leisurely drinking coffee.

5. Eating something other than oatmeal and yogurt for breakfast.

4. Many hours spent in my pj's.

3. Fresh sheets. We change our sheets every Saturday.

2. Weekend outings. We went bowling on Saturday. So fun. Guess who bowled eight strikes in one game? That's was John.

1. Calorie day. John and I both love us some calorie day. It's our favorite.

I showed you mine. Now your turn. What's your favorite things about the weekend?


Emily said...

Great top 10! My all time favorite is going out to lunch as a family Saturday, then my awesome hubby tells me to have some "me" time while he takes care of the kids!

Team Eliza said...

Sounds like you had a FABULOUS weekend! Here are a few of my favorite weekend moments:

*Swim time with Eliza
*Sleeping in until 7
*Family snuggle time
*Cheering on Jacob at his last baseball game of the season
*Celebrating the upcoming arrival of two new playmates for Eliza - we had a dual shower for our friends Dorothy and Suzy - they are both having little boys - they are both due this summer and they both have husbands named John
*Sunday breakfast from Yankee Doodle Donuts
*Watching Meet the Press
*Eating burgers on the back patio
*Having a laid back Mother's Day at home with my two favorite people

Claire said...

I'm all about the PJs...


Katie said...

- sleeping in!
- Extreme Makeover Home Edition on Sundays
- spending time with Josh
- crafting
- going on adventures
- making cinnamon rolls instead of cereal
- staying in my jams
- COPS reruns
- being spontaneous
- we try to make a new recipe from our cookbooks on the weekend when we have time to experiment :)

Anonymous said...

Now that I am retired ,weekends are fun ,but not much different than weekdays.

Natalie said...

I share a lot of the same ones as you- pj's, drinking coffee, no hair and make-up required. I also like spending a lot of time on the floor with Spencer, cleaning off the mail that has accumulated on the island and going out to eat.