Friday, January 2, 2009

Goodbye 2008...hello 2009!!!

I am thankful for every year that passes and what it brings to my family and me. One thing 2008 brought us was healthy new habits. We said adios to dinners of all you can eat cheese tots and replaced meals such as those with healthy portion controlled goodness. We also got our bodies a movin. As I'm writing this John just asked me what we're having for lunch. He said, "Pizza?". Sorry Johnny, it's not calorie day. When I look back at having a full year of healthy living it makes me really happy. However, we've adopted the mind set that it doesn't matter if we have or haven't made healthy choices for a is the only day that matters. It's pretty cheesy I know, but taking one day at a time is a lot less intimidating for us than thinking about the rest of our lives.

Saying hello to 2008...

Saying goodbye to 2008...

Last year also brought us new friendships, more family to love, the return of music for John and personal goals achieved.

So far 2009 is looking pretty good!

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