Monday, January 26, 2009

Top 10 Monday

Top 10 Celebrities I would send to outer space...
(As suggested by my cousin...thanks!)

10. Angelina Jolie
The woman is flawless even with her finger on her face. Isn't that reason enough?

9. The cast of "The View"...sorry Whoopi!

8. Tyra Banks
She's just a little much on the model's kind of funny when she starts yelling though.

7. Dr. Phil
No explanation needed.

6. Ryan Seacrest
Maybe I'm just jealous of his income...

5. Flava Flav
He wears a clock.

4. Diddy
What's wrong with going by Sean?

3. Kid Rock
He just looks dirty.

2. Paris Hilton
She makes me sad.

1. Tila Tequila
Why oh why did America make her famous?

When I started this I thought for sure Paris Hilton would be my number one to get sent off to space...then I remembered Tila Tequila, the woman made famous by Myspace. A new winner was created!


Anonymous said...

I love your list . . . very funny . . . I was a little surprised that you didn't include crazy Tom Cruise. . . . Here is an idea for next week's list . . . Top 10 Things that People Say that Annoy the Crap out of You!

Anonymous said...

Maybe next week could be the top 10 reasons to roll your eyes. Like when you see a woman in a skirt and tank top and it's 42 degrees outside. Like I saw yesterday and rolled my eyes at.

Mare said...

Yay! There's comments on my blog again!!! Thanks you guys!

I can already think of things that would go on both lists...hmmm...