Friday, June 12, 2009

Fit Friday

Fitness partners. Do you have one? Fitness partners are great because you can motivate each other and keep each other on track. I'm lucky in that John was up for being my fitness partner from the very beginning.

The healthy food part of it is a whole other story. He's been very challenging. Sorry babe, you have been. So for the last year and a half to keep his sanity we've taken the healthy food plan from the Biggest Loser club website and modified it to keep him happy.

Well the modified version has run its course and his body isn't responding anymore. He's not gaining weight but he's hit a wall...for months.

So last week John said something that was music to my ears. He told me he's ready to do what he needs to do to lose the rest of his weight and he'll eat whatever and how much I give him.

I said, "So you won't complain about the portion sizes anymore?" He said,"Oh no I'll still complain but I'll do it." So I opened him a new Biggest Loser Club account and followed the nutrition recommendations to a t. He also followed the fitness plan to a t.

Do you think John complained at all? If you said yes then you're right. He complained A LOT. He even used the word torture a couple of times. He was very dramatic all week. He told me,"This is not enough food for a man to survive."

Don't worry you guys, it really was plenty. He weighs himself every Saturday morning and I was just keeping my fingers crossed that he met his goal for the week so that he would see the justification of his new plan. He met and exceeded his goal! John now weighs the least he's weighed since he started trying to lose weight. I would tell you how much he's lost but he gets embarrassed.

I'm very excited for him! He's worked so hard to be at the point he's at right now.

Has anyone started doing Jillian Michael's Shred? So many people have been talking about it but I don't really know much about it. Have you or anyone you know started doing it? Does Jillian kick your butt?


Dreams2009 said...

Thank you for the "day at a time" advice. I will use it!

ahahh my husband had a hard time when I started eliminating carbs from our dinner. You would think women are more dramatic than men heehee but we get surprised.

Katie said...

Good for John! Getting Started is the hardest part!

Abby said...

The Shred is a FANTASTIC work out! Jillian definitely kicks your booty.. I did it for about 20 of the 30 days before our vacation and lost 3 inches overall. You should try it out!

Annie said...

I've done the Shred, kicked my butt! You can tell it works, you feel the after affects for sure! I really need to get in the gym routine again. B and I have been talking about it but it's just that, all talk.

Shalay said...

I've been wanting to try the Shred, but like you, I think it would be so much easier to have a fitness partner! I'm just not that good at motivating myself.

Good for John for sticking with his plan, I know it isn't easy!

Emily said...

I wanna try the Shred! I've usually done the typical work out stuff... treadmill, jogging, etc. Lately I've been doing Tony Horton's stuff, but I think I'm getting bored. On to the Shred!