Friday, June 19, 2009

Fit Friday

It's Friday...woo hoo for Friday!!!!!!

Workout you have workout outfits? Back in my younger days I did have some pretty cute workout clothes but now I stick to exercise shorts (not spandex) and somewhat fitted t-shirts. The only reason for the fittedness of the shirt is that it's easier for me to move around in than big and loose shirts.

I do need to invest in some new running shoes. I've had mine since before we moved here and we moved here in June of 2005. However, they really didn't start being used regularly until December of 2007. Right now I have Saucony's. Any suggestions for what kind I should get?

I think Michael Cera's running clothes in Juno are my favorite...

Hope you're having a fun Friday...


Dreams2009 said...

ahaah Love Michael Ceras outfit. I'm the worst at buying runners, I always buy ones that are not that comfy. Let me know what you find!

Have a great weekend as well! ;)

Annie said...

Aw, I love Juno!

I do have "gym clothes" but I haven't been to the gym in well to me!
I have a plan to start on Monday though and I have 2 new gym outfits to wear! I think that's the only thing that has me motivated to go ;)
For gym shoes I have Nike shox, I'm on my second pair, love em!

Emily said...

I really should invest in some new gym clothes and better shoes. Since I work out at home in our little gym, I don't look like a fitness fashion model, but who cares. Nice holy shorts work well with my tanks!

Katie said...

i just sport random tee's and a pair of adidas shorts, no spandex for katie :)