Friday, June 26, 2009

Fit Friday

Thanks for your tips yesterday to help me at least look like I got my tan on. I've definitely ruled out the tanning bed so it will either be a self tanner, getting sprayed or continue to embrace my natural lack of color.

Yesterday was a bum day huh? I'm definitely sad about Farrah Fawcett but Michael Jackson has hit me kind of hard. I turned the Today Show on this morning and I could only watch it for about five minutes and then had to turn the channel. My mind keeps going back to my Michael memories. There's a lot, especially in childhood.

This is Fit Friday so I'll start talking fit...

Along with my regular workouts I also do silly moving around throughout the day (when I'm at home).

Like if I've been on the computer for at least 30 minutes I'll get up and just start jumping around. It makes me feel better after sitting for so long but I'm sure if someone other than my husband or dog were around they would think me very strange. I will also put music on and do the wiggle.

My husband doesn't do the jumping around or the wiggle dance but he does do random pull ups. He'll announce it that way whenever he does them. "Random pull up time!"

What are some random body moving you do during the day?


Katie said...

I'm SO Sad about Michael :( !!

Natalie said...

Many times a day I will randomly have to sprint after Spencer to stop him from hurting the dog, himself or some part of my house. It's on his schedule though, not mine.

Emily said...

I have a house full of stairs... too many in fact. So once in a while... I'll get the bug and run up and down, and up and down, and up and down. No wonder my knees are bad!

Annie said...

I'm really bummed about Michael too. So, in his honor I plan on rockin out to his tunes this weekend when I hit the gym. I went yesterday, my first time working out in well over a month!