Monday, June 29, 2009

Top 10 Monday...

Hi Everybody. I hope you had a fabulous weekend. Mine was fun but the next two weekends will be even better. This coming weekend I turn 32 (July 4th) and then the weekend after that we'll be in's getting so close!

So I'm a total sucker for a good chic flick. Here's my top 10 favorite ones.

10. Beaches

9. Say Anything

8. The House Bunny

7. While you Were Sleeping

6. 13 Going On 30

5. Pretty Woman

4. Sleepless in Seattle

3. P.S. I Love You

2. Under the Tuscan Sun

1. Steel Magnolias

Did I leave off any good ones?


Katie said...

The Notebook and Pride and prejudice were both favorites of mine :)

Annie said...

I love The Holiday and You've Got Mail!
Otherwise, very good choices! ;)

The GVZ's said...

Mare, I love you even though you like chick flicks. It is hard for me to accept, but I do it because you are otherwise so respectable. But, I cannot in good conscience let you get away with thinking that PS I Love You is a good movie. It just isn't. It really, really, really sucks.

Natalie said...

Great list. You missed Notting Hill and Never Been Kissed. I think those and 13 Going on 30 are my top three, with Return to Me coming in a close fourth.

Team Eliza said...

UMMMM. . . .Where is When Harry Met Sally?????

You know that I am a sucker for a good chic flick but sadly I have to agree with GVZ and say that PS I Love You is NOT a good movie.

I also agree with Natalie . . . Return to Me is a really great movie and worthy of being on the list.

Maryellen said...

Sorry you guys, you are soooooo wrong about P.S. I Love You. It's a GREAT movie!!!! I'm going to tell Hilary Swank what ya'll said.


Natalie said...

Would you count Love Actually as a chick flick? I thought about that after I already posted my comment. That's in my top four, although I now have five movies in my top four.

Anonymous said...

The Four Seasons,Love Story,An Affair to Remember, and Casablanca should definitely should be on the list.


Maryellen said...

You all have come up with some more great ones...maybe I should make this the top 20 movies.

In honor of GVZ I think my next top ten Monday will be about my favorite anti chick flicks. =)

NicNatJo said...

OK.. I was gonna leave this as anonymous..but I must me true.. How bout Devli Wears Prada.. read the book too.