Monday, June 15, 2009

Top 10 Monday

Maybe everyone does this, I don't know...but in addition to enjoying movies and tv shows because of the movie or the show, I like to watch them for the decorating. Decorating you say? Yes, decorating. I like the warm and cozy places the most. Here's my top 10 movie/tv sets...

10. Blast From the Past-Alicia Silverstone's house.

9. There's Something About Mary-Cameron Diaz's apartment.

8. Friends-The purple apartment.

7. Gilmore Girls...Lorelai's place.

6. Will and Grace's apartment on...Will and Grace of course.

5. Bruce Almighty-Jim Carrey and Jennifer Aniston's place.

4. P.S. I Love You-Hilary Swank's apartment.

3. Under the Tuscan Sun.

2. The Holiday...Kate Winslet's place.

1. The house in The Family Stone.

Their house is definitely nice but not flashy or decadent. I love it because it feels like a home, with history and love. I think that's what every home should feel like...especially the real ones =).

Side note: I wrote this post on Saturday while I was re-watching Marley and Me. I was a complete mess 90% of this movie. It's so real. I love it. I was definitely correct in putting it as one of my top ten movies that make me cry.

Please don't tell me I'm alone here...which tv/movie sets do you like a lot?


Natalie said...

You are so right about The Family Stone. I hated that movie, but I loved the house. I also love the beach house that belongs to Erica (Diane Keaton)in Something's Gotta Give. Great decorating.

Katie said...

Marley and Me was so sad! I cried the whole time too!

And I LOVE the house from The Notebook :)

The GVZ's said...

That's funny, as soon as I started reading your post I immediately thought of Bruce Almighty (which was otherwise a terrible movie). Loved the kitchen from In the Land of Women.