Monday, February 23, 2009

Top 10 Monday

The top 10 movies that make me cry like a baby:

10. Switched at Birth-This was a made for tv movie in the early 90's. Part 1 was so sad.

9. Beaches

8. Phenomenon

7. My Girl

6. Marley & Me

5. The Lion King

4. Million Dollar Baby

3. Big Fish-I was ambushed during this movie. I had no idea going into this movie that I would be a little bawl baby while watching it.

2. Steel Magnolias-I have seen this movie so many times I couldn't even make a guess as to how many and I cry uncontrollably every time.

1. Forrest Gump-It turns me into a faucet.


Team Eliza said...

I am the first to admit that I am a BIG bawl baby, so it should be no surprise that EVERY single one of these movies makes me boo hoo! Here is my list of Big Boo Hoo Movies

10. Message in a Bottle - totally cheesy but still makes me cry
9. The Notebook - makes me think of Grandma
8. Field of Dreams - makes me think of Dad and Pop
7. Turner and Hooch - who knew that slobbery dogs could elcit such big tears
6. Life is Beautiful- amazing story
5. It's a Wonderful Life - I never get tired of this movie
4. The Rookie - I love the message of never giving up on your dreams
3. Mr. Holland's Opus - It's a teacher thing
2. Philadelphia
1. Dead Poet's Society - The last scene just kills me

Mare said...

Turner and Hooch? Maybe I need to see that movie again because I haven't seen it since it first went on VHS. I guess I was distracted by the drool.