Thursday, February 19, 2009

I have my husband back!

After a visit to the doctor, lots of rest, antibiotics and a chocolate milk shake, John is almost back to his regular self. Yay!

While we were waiting for the doctor to come into the examining room yesterday we heard a lot of cheering outside. The doctor's office was on a street that was used as Barack Obama's route to a high school he was speaking at.

On our way home there were still lots of cops around and some people with signs. One of the signs said:

Socialism-Hell no!"

I don't really enjoy political arguments so I won't say what I thought about the sign. Just know that I had one of two reactions.

I was playing around on the site Jen showed yesterday, This picture might be more believable if I wasn't wearing suede and John actually had a coat on...


John Maxfield said...

Damn that is a handsome man! Thanks for nursing me back to health, well, almost back at least.

The GVZ's said...

I love your coat! I can't believe you have to wear that in PHX....

Mare said...

It actually gets a little chilly for me in the mornings and at night. I've worn it during the day like twice.

Anonymous said...

I actually found it to be believable even with John's short sleeves. I checked out that website too. It's so much fun. A new addiction.