Friday, February 20, 2009

When does it become too many?

At one?



Four. Definitely at four. Right?

Well, we have five.


Anonymous said...

I would say that 1 per person in the house is plenty. If you count Kita as a person (which you should) you could get away with 3. I feel the same way about TV's. At one point we had, I think, 6 TV's. They weren't even all hooked up. Too many!

Mare said...

So you agree...four is when it became too many! I'll have to keep John away from Goodwill and any place with a computer deal.

Emily said...

That is too funny! We have one... just one. Somehow we manage just fine only because my husband only gets on to search for things to add to his Mustang, the girls only get on after school... and I LIVE on it in between those times! Hmm.... not a bad idea though!