Monday, June 8, 2009

Top 10 Monday...

Today's top 10 list consists of the ten songs that always make me think of a very specific time in my life...

10. You oughta know by Alanis Morissette. It makes me think of my freshman year at Texas Tech. It was very big that year.

9. Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order. It's an 80's song but they used to play it a lot at the dance clubs (again in college). It was one of those,"I have to dance to this song!"

8. Sex and Candy by Marcy Playground. This makes me think of driving around Austin with John and his brother's girlfriend circa 1998.

7. Any Man of Mine by Shania Twain. I am sooooooo not a fan of country music but my freshman year at Tech, my friends and I would blast this song in the dorm and dance to it. We even had somewhat of a routine to it.

6. Dreams by the Cranberries. This was the song for my graduating class back in high school. I love this song. I guess I just love this song because it definitely doesn't take me back to the days of high school. I'm happy those days are gone!

5. Papa Don't Preach by Madonna. For some reason when I think of this song I think of eating Chico's tacos while this was playing in the background. I loved it. I don't think it was too appropriate for a nine year old to know all it's lyrics though...

4. Any song by Olivia Newton John. I remember busting out the record player and singing along dramatically to songs like Xanadu. Funny side note: When my sister was little she thought Olivia Newton John was actually three people: Olivia, Luke and John.

3. Any song by the Judds makes me think of going on a trip in the Taurus station wagon.

2. Coheed and Cambria's third album. John and I listened to it (many many times) while we painted our bedroom when we lived in the duplex in El Paso.

1. Crush by Dave Matthew's Band. John and I didn't seek out a song to be "our song". The first time we heard it we loved it and danced like dorks to it even though there were lots of people around. We had so much fun so then it did become our song. We danced to Crush for our first dance at our wedding.

What are your nostalgic songs?


Katie said...

Love Shack is my all time favorite song of life haha

Annie said...

I love when random songs come on and it takes me back to an exact place and time!

Back Street Boys - "Everybody" brings me straight back to the gymnastics gym in high school, 10th grade! Reminds me of all the long hard practices!

Natalie said...

I have XM radio in the car and two of my favorite stations are 90's on 9 and 80's on 8. Sometimes when I'm listening to the 90's I have to actually check the back seat and see that yes in fact there is a baby back there and I'm not driving myself to school in the 11th grade. Too many good flashback songs to list.

LiLu said...

"in the Taurus station wagon."

Love the specificity ;-)


Hey There!! Thanks for poping by...I always enjoy new company!

As for a song? My all time Favorite is "Holiday" by the Scorpions. But I find myself always humming to Tesla's "Love Song" or " I'll be there for you" by Bon Jovi. They all have such fabulous memories for me.

I like this idea of your on having a repeat topic--Top Ten.

And yes-- thanks for sharing your blog with me!!
Have a good week.
PS...I'm orginially from San Antonio

NicNatJo said...

How bout Stand by Me? It makes me think of swimming in the pool on Coralstone, and singing and dancing on the deck with all the cousins

Anonymous said...

What ,no Niel Diamond,or Peter, Paul,and Mary?