Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cute Kid Quote

Yesterday I was doing my fabulous lunch duty at school where I monitor the 4th graders at recess. I sometimes do this holding an umbrella. Since it hardly ever rains here, the umbrella is to shield me from the sun.

A little girl who I always call "Kiddo" wanted to hold my umbrella.

After I gave it to her she said,"I'm Mrs. M." I said,"Hello, Mrs. M." She said,"Hello, Kiddo."

I thought that was funny and really cute. She made me laugh.

So it's the weekend and I'm really happy about that. Our big plans are NOTHING and I couldn't be happier. Last weekend was great but a weekend of movie watching and napping sounds pretty great too. I may throw in a little reading.

Just because I think it's funny...

So my friends, cousin(s), sister and mom, I hope you have a fabulous weekend and that it's starting out as active or chilled out as you want. Mine definitely is. I see a mocha in my future...a big one.


Katie said...

nothing beats a lazy/relaxing weekend!

Emily said...

Hope you enjoy your mocha over the weekend! We have nothing planned yet... but the kids won't keep us at home. We'll find something fun to do!

Anonymous said...

I love your kid quotes.Tell kiddo that your mom said hi.