Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Out on a Tuesday Night

It was our friend's birthday last night so we went out with him (Carlos) and his wife Alicia to celebrate. He's very old (34) so we did what he wanted to do.

First we ate some barbecue at Famous Dave's. Very good stuff. It was our first time there.

We wanted to embarrass Carlos so before they got there we told our waitress it was his birthday. They don't embarrass people. They bring out ice cream with a very exciting candle (Carlos wouldn't put his finger in the flame as I had suggested)and they take your picture. They email it to you later. That's pretty cool.

After dinner Carlos wanted to go to this outdoorsy shop in the same shopping center. It was amazing. John and I felt like we were in Disney Land except there weren't rides. There were some pretty fun things to do there though. Carlos and John seemed to enjoy the shooting game the best.

We had a really fun time but I was very tired on the way home. So I did what anyone would do and I snapped a picture of myself "sleeping".


Team Eliza said...

I want a candle like that for my birthday!

Natalie said...

Did you go to Famous Dave's at the Chandler mall? Where is this fabulous store? I want to go there today.
Also, I have the same shirt. You look better in it.

The GVZ's said...

I really like your hair. It lays very nicely and always looks 'done'. Do you use product in it?

Mare said...

Thanks Lady. I actually don't use product. Just shampoo and conditioner-currently Herbal Essence for color treated hair even though I haven't had my color re-done since December.

Mare said...

The outdoorsy place was called "Outdoor World" I think. I've never been to the shopping center before. It's at Dobson and the 202 (north I think). I'm terrible with directions.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you had fun.Thanks for the pictures, but I did read the post.Tell Carlos happy for me too.

Shireen said...

That one awesome candle!!!

I've been to that Outdoor world place and was so many stuffed animals!! Its crazy huge though!!!

Btw....I've enjoyed spending time with you this week!!!

Mare said...

I make myself think that all those stuffed animals are fake...sometimes it's nice to live in a fantasy world.