Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fit Friday on Saturday

Hi you guys. Thank you so much for the sweet comments yesterday. You all are so nice.

I decided to do Fit Friday today so here we go...

The Biggest Loser Club...I wrote last week that it changed my life and it so did. Let me give you the story on that.

On a Sunday in December of 2007 John was playing a computer game and I was mindlessly surfing the internet. Then I started googling weight loss. I had been wanting to lose the extra lovin on my body I had accumulated over the years for awhile. I had great starts but my efforts wouldn't last very long.

I came across the Biggest Loser Club website. I wanted to join but it cost $20 a month. I called out to John that I wanted to join but I wasn't going to because of the cost. He encouraged me to go ahead and do it. It's funny, when it would come to something like Netflix I wouldn't hesitate at all to pay $20 a month.

So I joined.

What I found when I joined:
  • Meal plan
  • Eating schedule
  • Calorie tracker
  • Fitness tracker
  • Goal tracker
  • Countless articles on weight loss, fitness tips, motivation
  • Recipes
  • Fitness plan based on your preferences
  • Daily calorie intake based on your height, current weight and activity level
  • Discussion forums
The BLC was extremely labor intensive for me for the first few weeks. It really would take me a while to plan my meals on there. They do have a meal plan but if you really just ate what had suggested for each day your grocery bill would be HUGE because you would need a million things from the grocery store.

Even though the site took a lot of my time it was the best thing I've ever done for myself and John. After the first week of following it, I lost 4 pounds. That was motivation enough for me. The second week I lost 4 more pounds. After that I lost 1 or 2 pounds every week except for two weeks. Two weeks I hit a wall and didn't lose anything.

I'm not on the BLC anymore. I stayed on it awhile after I met my goal though. It was like my Linus blanket. I credit it for finally taking care of myself. I know I did the work and am continuing to do the work but it was definitely my guide.

Now that I'm off the site I print off calendars for John and me each month. Each day has two smiley faces. One is for fitness and one is for nutrition (I found this online). We write on the calendar what our fitness and nutrition goals are. At the end of the day if we met our fitness goal we circle the smiley face. We do the same thing for the nutrition goal. If we get both smiley faces circled then that day gets a check mark (and a sticker, ha ha). We do this so we can easily keep track of what we're doing for ourselves. The stickers aren't the reward for us but they are fun because we have funny stickers. The reward is healthy bodies.

No matter what you do for your quest for health your efforts are definitely worth it.

I love all things Biggest Loser. I hope they don't mind but I was soooooooooooooo excited to see Curtis and Mallory from season five. This was in October at the Walk for the Cure in Phoenix. Ali Vincent's (season 5 winner) mom was there too but I didn't get her picture.


Emily said...

That's awesome! You are a very motivated person... good for you! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE The Biggest Loser!

Katie said...

I like the sticker idea, its the simple things that make the difference!

Anonymous said...

Dick and I are super proud of both of you. We can't wait till we see you next month.

Ann said...

Congratulations with your weightloss! This post really motivated me!