Monday, April 13, 2009

Top 10 Monday

Today's Top 10 list is brought to you by GVZ. Thanks for the great suggestions. I decided to go with this one because I love food.

The top 10 things I buy at the grocery store every week...

10. Bags of salads-These are great for us because we feel like we're getting our veggies in. A lot of times we add to the salads to make them more delicious and nutritious...a lot of times we don't.

9. Apples-The only preparation is washing them. Sold.

8. Frozen veggies-Our favorites are the ones you steam...and have roasted potatoes. I know that makes it more carbo-licious for us but they're the only frozen veggies I can get John to eat.

7. Chicken

6. Sweet and salty bars

5. Individual cheese snacks-Who doesn't love a cheese snack?

4. Individual salads-John LOVES these for lunch. Loves might be too strong in this case...he sure does like them.

3. Oatmeal-Boooooorrrrrriiiinnnngggg but it does the trick.

2. Yogurt-We pair it with our boring oatmeal.

1. Splenda-Does everyone go through a big bag of Splenda a week?

What are the top 10 things on your grocery list every week?


Emily said...

We are with you on some... String cheese, chick-fil-a chicken, oatmeal... but our weekly list has lots of diapers, baby food, wheat noodles, milk, wheat bread, and eggs!

Team Eliza said...

We do A LOT of our shopping at Costco - since we buy in bulk we don't have to buy some of these every week - but here are some items that you will normally find in our pantry/fridge (in no particular order)

*Drinks - Diet Pepsi, Water, GatorAide, Soy Milk
*Gold Fish Crackers
*Organic Chicken Nuggets
*Fish Sticks
*Arrowroot Cookies
*Organic Applesauce
*Frozen Veggies

Katie said...

3. Salad
4. Lunch Meat from the Deli Counter
5. Bread
6. Cereal
7. Potatoes
8. Goldfish
9. Chicken

(cute new background on your blog!)

Anonymous said...

I did read your post today but my grocery list is way too boring to post.

The GVZ's said...

What are sweet and salty bars??? Here is my list. I haven't included anything we get for Norah (the princess whose food only comes from Whole Paycheck, I mean Whole Foods):
1. Milk
2. Coffee
3. Creamer
4. Cereal for BVZ
5. Oatmeal for me
6. Yogurt
7. Whole wheat bread
8. Avocados
9. Seasonal fruit
10. Bagged salad

Anonymous said...

1. yogurt
2. bread
3. rice milk
4. whole wheat carb light tortillas (they're actually really good)
5. apples
6. mushrooms - we really eat a lot of mushrooms
7. frisbees used to be weekly because Cash would destroy one after 1 trip to the park
8. cereal - gotta love it
9. salad bags
10. string cheese
(we have a pretty boring fridge).

Anonymous said...

oops, I forgot to leave my name- it was me, Joni, who left the list just now (yogurt, bread, rice milk...). I'm not used to this high-tech blog thingy.