Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everybody. I hope you're able to celebrate today in just the way you want to. We sure are.

Currently I'm giving my daily shout out to you guys while sitting next to John on the couch. We're both on our laptops with the movie Yes Man on the tv. How's that for a visual?

After my internet shout out I'm going to give a verbal one to my family. Jenny, you better answer your phone =).

I think I'll make us an Easter lunch and then later we're going to the movies with our friends to watch Adventureland.

I'm super excited about that movie. It's set in 1987. Awesome. I hope they play a lot of 80's music. I'm an 80's girl.

Hey Jen, are you going to make bunnies hop into large pitchers of orange juice today?

Easter humor...


Anonymous said...

Happy, happy,Easter.WE love you, both.
mom &d.h.

NicNatJoe said...

Happy Easters to you as well!!! may you eat peeps until the room spins around you!!

Anonymous said...

eeyina spkhaq1ertkb nn nmj 6hhh44o..tvbdqqpg89nbbgkjre... translation .. nicole loves aunt Mare.. poopie face..

Emily said...

Happy Easter! Loved the visual of you both on your laptops while watching a movie! So funny!

A "cheery" disposition said...

Haha o thats a cute and funny picture.