Friday, April 10, 2009

Fit Friday

I feel that even though I'm in "maintenance mode" it is still important that I keep up everything I did during weight loss. The only difference is that I can eat bigger portions than when I was losing weight. Which leads me to today's tip...

Whether you're trying to lose or wanting to maintain, find out how many calories you need to take in to make that happen. I was able to do that on the Biggest Loser Club website ($20 a month). Seriously you guys, this site changed my life. I'll talk more about that on another Friday.

I'm going to try to find a free place online for you to determine your calorie needs...

Here's some options:

Calorie Calculator

Daily calorie calculator on Prevention's website

Determine your healthy weight. (It gives you an idea at least of where you should be.)

As far as free sites go, I love Prevention's site. I still go there a lot. I love to read the success stories.

The biggest thing I've learned in weight loss and maintenance is that there's no one magic cure. I think that we need to take in information we learn about health and tweak it to meet our personal needs.

I'd like Fit Friday to eventually become a discussion about maintaining a healthy lifestyle since that is something that's important for everybody. So if you're reading this I'd love to get your input on the topic.

I'll end my post with one of my favorite men on the planet...

Have a great Friday.


Anonymous said...

I liked your post today.I even listened to the u-tube thing.Hope you have a great Easter weekend.

Katie said...

he's so right in the video, joining the gym and staying motivated to go was so hard at first, but "I'm READY!"

Katie said...


I waited for 35 min in the little room for the doctor to come in and he was only there for about 5 min! It was ridiculous