Friday, April 3, 2009

Fit Friday

My cousin suggested that I do a weekly blog about diet/fitness and maintenance tips. I thought that would be fun and it could be my Friday topic...Fitness Friday. So now my Mondays and Fridays are both themed. How exciting.

So here's my first tip which works for weight loss and maintenance:
(This is from an article I read on the Biggest Loser Club website...I think)

Today's Tip(In my own words)
If you've ever tried to lose weight or maintain weight loss before and you weren't able to sustain your efforts, figure out what went wrong then work out solutions to the problem.

When I read this I thought,"If I knew what the problem was then there wouldn't be a problem." I thought about it anyway and I actually was able to pinpoint two reasons why I was unsuccessful in the past.

#1 I would start to let other things become more important than exercising.
Old solution: I'll exercise tomorrow.

New solution: Exercise is now my number one priority of the day (well, six days a week-Sunday is my rest day).

#2 We would buy a bunch of healthy food and eat it all up until "uh oh" there's nothing to eat.
Old solution:Order pizza and we'll be "good" tomorrow.

New solution: Making sure we have healthful food for today and tomorrow is my second highest priority of the day.

I hope some day that eating well and exercising will be as natural for me as brushing my teeth but until then I'll take in all the advice I can get on the topic. I like living this way...I want to always live this way.

So please leave your tips on what has worked for you on keeping you on the wagon or funny stories about what hasn't worked in the past. A few years ago to keep me motivated I went to Target and bought myself a whole bunch of presents then asked John to hide them from me. Every time I exercised I'd get something I liked. That worked out pretty well until I ran out of stuff...

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The GVZ's said...

Great tips. I too have been guilty of putting good habits off until tomorrow. I am hoping you will be my new inspiration!