Sunday, April 5, 2009

Opposite of Wedding Weekend

Last weekend was the three days worth of wedding related activities for our friends. Great times but we decided to have an extremely relaxing weekend. Here's a little taste of it...

Saturday is our "calorie day". We started our day at the grocery store so we could get our supplies.

After this picture was taken I told John that someone should tell them (the deli people) that the bell peppers in the display should be replaced. They weren't looking so good.

I most likely told them myself. I have a volume control issue. My fancy shirt you see says, "Where my Peeps At?"

After the deli section we hit the donuts. We almost bought an icecream cake too but we didn't want to be too crazy. We did get our mochas though. Mmmmmmm mochas.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekends. Yesterday we watched Dr. T and the Women. You can skip it if you haven't seen it. John thought it would be better if it were Mr. T and the Women. I agree.


Natalie said...

We had a split weekend. Saturday was very busy and we spent a lot of time away from home. Today has been relaxed and a stay at home day. Those are the best kind.

Katie said...

i like your shirt! I have one with a gnome on it that says "where my gnomies at?"

The GVZ's said...

I like any day you can have donuts and ice cream cake.