Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Um, yeah, that's really sweet?

I have this one student who is just sweet. He's a little 4th grader and he's always saying such nice things to everybody. A few weeks ago out of the blue he thanked me for helping him with his learning. Just precious.

Yesterday when we were finishing up Math so they could go back to class (I'm a Resource teacher), he says to me that if I'm still alive when he grows up he's going to visit me. I smiled and said that would be wonderful. I didn't want to make him feel bad.

I better still be ALIVE when he's all grown up...I'll only be in my 40's.

Check out the swimsuit I put in the mail yesterday for my little niece's birthday...

I'd love a tankini for big people in that pattern.


Katie said...

that's a really cute suit! She's going to be stylin'!

Anonymous said...

She will love it. You are a cool auntie.

Natalie said...

You have very good taste in swimsuits for the under 5 crowd...first Eliza's and now Nicole's. I see lots of clothes in the little girl section that I wish came in adult sizes.